Prof. Dr. Fatih YILMAZ

Dear Students,

It’s now time to take a step to reach the future professions.

Knowing the university and the program which you prefer has a vital role to reach your favorite job.

We created this website in order to introduce you Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University with all aspects.

With our student-centered understanding and with our increasing success graphics in Turkey and in the World, we built the university of future and we are doing our best to write our name in the league of the bests.

We look at the future with confidence and invite all of you to our transparent, participant and enterpreneur university.


University Facts

  • A prominent state university in Turkey established in 1992
  • More than 35.000 students
  • Nearly 3000 international students from 80+ different countries
  • Education in Turkish and English
  • International agreements with 100+ foreign universities
  • Erasmus+, Farabi and Mevlâna partnerships

International Rankings in 2021

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings 1001+
  • QS World Ranking 251+300
  • US News World Ranking 1006
  • CWUR World Ranking 1092
  • Greenmetric World Ranking 412


  • Rich library and e-library sources
  • Facilities for health, shopping, banking, and social activities at campus
  • Sport complex, football stadium, tennis courts, swimming pool, athletics track at campus
  • International academic conferences and events
  • Career Center and Psychological Counseling Center
  • Accommodation options in state or private dormitories
  • Moderate living costs in a thousand year old Anatolian town
  • Ancient cities, historical mosques and monuments from Ottoman and Seljuk Era
  • Lively social life, Canal Tokat, concerts, theaters, cinemas and more
  • Forests, lakes, rivers for camping, biking, skiing, photography, birdwatching and more
  • Nice cafes and restaurants offering local dishes and world cuisine
  • Big shopping malls, street markets and historical bazaars
  • Hospitality of local people for international students
  • Easy transportation – 1 hour from Istanbul by plane




Graduate Program
Emergency Medicine Nursing
Physical Education and Sports
Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Medical Biology
Nursing/Public Health Nursing
Nursing/Child Health and Diseases Nursing
Nursing/Psychiatric Nursing
Nursing/Nursing Fundamentals
Nursing/Public Health Nursing
Nursing/Women's Health and Diseases Nursing
Nursing/Internal Medicine Nursing
Histology and Embryology  
Medical Biochemistry
Medical Microbiology  
Movement and Training Science
Occupational Health and Safety  
Palliative Care  
Graduate Program
Civil Engineering
Computer Education and Instructional Techn.
Agricultural Economics
Aquaculture Engineering  
Biosystem Engineering
Plant Protection
Computer Engineering
Electrical Electronical Engineering
Field Crops
Food Engineering
Geomatics Engineering  
Mechatronic Engineering
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Soil Science and Plant Nutirtion
Graduate Program
Business Administration/Accounting and Finance
Banking and Insurance  
Business Administration/Business Administration
Basic Islamic Sciences/Hadith  
Basic Islamic Sciences/History of Kalam and Itikadi Islamic Sects  
Basic Islamic Sciences/Islamic Law  
Basic Islamic Sciences/Sufism  
Islamic History and Arts
Basic Islamic Sciences/Basic Islamic Sciences  
Basic Islamic Sciences/Tafsir
Business Administration/Management and Organization
Philosophy and Religious Sciences
Political Science and International Relations
Business Administration/Production Management and Marketing
Public Administration
Public Relations  
Tourism and Hotel Management/Tourism and Hotel Management  
Tourism and Hotel Management/Tourism Management  
Turkish Language and Literature
Turkish Music
Graduate Program
Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education  
Educational Sciences/Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Sciences/Guidance and Psychological Counseling
Educational Sciences/Educational Administration and Supervision
Foreign Languages Education/English Language Teaching  
Basic Education/Primary School Education
Basic Education/Early Childhood Education
Mathematics and Science Education/Science Education  
Mathematics and Science Education/Mathematics Education  
Mathematics and Science Education  
Special Education
Turkish and Social Sciences Education/Social Studies Education
Turkish and Social Sciences Education/Turkish Language Teaching


Student candidates who wish to enroll in graduate programs of Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University should meet the application requirements stated below. They can submit their application via university’s online application system ( or they can bring application documents to the International Graduate Student Office in order to start application process.

  • Application Requirements for Master Programs
    • Having a bachelor's degree
    • For master programs in English; having 65 points from YDS/E-YDS/YÖKDİL (English) or 67 points from PTE Academic or 78 points from TOEFL IBT exams
    • Having A2 level TÖMER (Turkish Proficiency) certificate - Candidates are not required to submit this document at the time of application, but they are required to submit this document to the International Student Affairs Office before graduation. Students who graduate from a bachelor's program in Turkey or abroad, language of which is Turkish, do not need to submit this document.
  • Application Requirements for PhD Programs
    • Having a master's degree
    • For PhD programs in Turkish; having 55 points from YDS/E-YDS/YÖKDİL (English) or 50 points from PTE Academic or 66 points from TOEFL IBT exams
    • For PhD programs in English; having 65 points from YDS/E-YDS/YÖKDİL (English) or 67 points from PTE Academic or 78 points from TOEFL IBT exams
    • Having A2 level TÖMER (Turkish Proficiency) certificate - Candidates are not required to submit this document at the time of application, but they are required to submit this document to the International Student Affairs Office before graduation. Students who graduate from a master's program in Turkey or abroad, language of which is Turkish, do not need to submit this document.
  • Application Documents
    • Diploma or certificate of graduation
    • Transcript
    • Passport
    • TÖMER certificate (if available)
    • English proficiency certificate (for PhD programs and programs in English)


All graduate students should pay both registration fee and semester fee to study at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University.

Registration Fee

Master Programs (with thesis) PhD Programs
TOGÜ Graduates $ 500 $ 1000
Other Applications $ 750 $ 1500

Semester Fee

Master Programs PhD Programs
₺ 5000 ₺ 7500
  • Registration Fees
    • The registration fee is paid at once before university registration for applications.
  • Bank Account Information for Registration Fee Payment
    • Bank Name: T.C. Ziraat Bankası
    • Account No: TR46 0001 0026 3735 2156 4454 42
    • Note: Name of the student must be written in the payment receipt.
  • Semester Fees
    • Semester fee is paid each semester. Students can pay it via Ziraat Bank Mobil Application or inserting money to any Ziraat Bank ATM by entering their student numbers.


  • Applicants upload application documents to or submit them to International Graduate Student Office. International Graduate Student Coordinator sends their documents to the heads of the graduate programs. Heads of the graduate programs evaluate these applications, accept or reject them. They send decision of acceptance or rejection to the International Graduate Student Office. International Graduate Student Office informs accepted or rejected applicants about the results by e-mail.
  • Student candidates should apply for student visa to Turkish Consulates in their countries with their admission letters and other documents required by the consulate.
  • Student candidates prepare registration documents stated below and visit International Student Affairs Office for registration during the registration period.
  • Diploma or Certificate of Graduation
  • Transcript
  • Passport with Turkish student visa
  • Payment Receipt of the Registration Fee
  • They submit registration documents (all of them must be complete, not missing), complete their registration, become graduate students and get their signed and sealed student certificates.
  • Students create an appointment for residence permit via the website of the Immigration Office.
  • All application documents for application must be complete.
  • Important: Students must create appointment for the Immigration Office branch in Tokat, not for any other city. Creating appointment for another city causes rejection of residence permit application and makes student visa invalid, even leading to the departure from Turkey. Immigration Office sends residence permit cards to students’ address in Tokat, which they state in the application process. Students must submit their residence permit “ID card no starting with 99” the International Student Affairs Office.
  • Students complete their information on the Student Information System ( and upload their photos. After they upload their photos, they can take their cards from the Graduate School.
  • Students must submit A2 level TÖMER (Turkish Teaching Center) certificate to the International Students Affairs Office within 4 semesters.
  • Fee for one module (A1 or A2) is USD 150.
  • Duration of each module is 8 weeks and 176 hours.
  • Students should contact TÖMER Center official of our university for application, registration and payment by visiting
  • Our university doesn’t provide scholarship to graduate students. All students pay registration fee and semester fee.
  • Duration of a master program is four semesters. If students pass all program courses and have 3.00 GPA, they can be given two extra semesters to complete and defend their theses.
  • Duration of a PhD program is eight semesters. If students pass all program courses and have 3.00 GPA, they can be given four extra semesters to complete and defend their theses.
  • Students cannot join courses and exams and they cannot benefit from student rights without course registration. Moreover, if students don’t register two semesters consecutively, their studentships are ended.
  • Students first pay the tuition fee of the semester they want to freeze and then they apply to the International Graduate Student Office with a petition that includes the excuse of freezing the semester. Graduate School Management Board evaluates this request and responds.


Our university has partnership agreements with different universities in Turkey and outside Turkey and offers our students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in a partner university within the scope of Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi exchange programs.


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So I came to TOGU to do my internship. I planned to stay there for 3 months but because of the Covid-19 I stayed there 5 months. I do appreciate that the staff took care of me during this crisis. As a person who doesn't speak Turkish, I was struggling with majority of things, like going to store, ordering food and etc. Thanks to my lovely colleagues they were helping me out with every aspect I was struggling. It was my pleasure to be a part of Public relations department. I am really happy that I was surrounded by these professionals because it helped me to grow as a specialist and as a person. And I am even more happier that those professionals became my pals. TOGU, you are maşallah.

Egle Serutyte

When I first came Tokat, I was a little bit shy, because it was a different culture, I didn’t know the language and the people. Later, I was charmed by the quality of education in Gaziosmanpaşa University, guidance of the professors and hospitality and friendliness of the local people. Besides my academic studies, studying in Tokat provided me the opportunity to broaden my horizon by experiencing Anatolian culture and lifestyle.

Maria Agnes

If you don’t like crowded metropols and want to study in a peaceful environment, Tokat is the right place for you. Professors are eager to work with international students. Their feedbacks are very constructive. There was a well-balanced mix of students from different backgrounds, so we could all learn from each other’s experiences.

Fahad Ganem

The staff in Gaziosmanpaşa University is very supportive, especially my academic personal tutor who supported me through personal and academic challenges. They supported me during difficult times by allowing coursework extensions and answering any additional questions I may have.

Whang Yu

I studied MSc in Health Management, which I felt was the perfect add-on to my undergraduate degree. I chose to study at TOGÜ to complete my master’s degree, because they had this specific course that I wanted to do. I also wish to do my PhD here, because I was already living in Tokat and find it a brilliant place to be.

Adamu Nantembelele

I found a nice language exchange buddy – my Turkish friend and I agreed to have weekly hourly sessions, during which she was teaching me Turkish and I was teaching her Russian.

Irina Babaeva


  • Psychological Counseling Center
  • Career Center
  • Student Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Markets
  • Postal Service
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Dormitories
  • Sport Complex
  • Football Stadium
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool
  • Athletics Track
  • Walking Trails
  • Stationery
  • Bus Stops to City Center



Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa Üniversitesi, Taşlıçiftlik Yerleşkesi, 60250


+90 356 252 16 16 – 1177